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In the spring, when colors and fragrances dominate, it gives us a feeling of euphoria, joy and hope. It’s a time when nature rejuvenates, sprouts and gives us fresh fruit.

One of the most delicious spring delights that Cretans love, and especially the lovers of raki, is artichoke. There is no better accompaniment to raki than salted artichoke soaked in lemon.
It’s a versatile vegetable and better enjoyed fresh and raw as it is all the better for our health. You can make a cool and fragrant spring salad or it can accompany your food and it’s ideally suited to roasted fish. You can add carrot, another vegetable that is eaten raw and liked by young and old. A salad of artichokes and pure virgin olive oil is a good suggestion for this time of year while it’s still in season before the summer comes.

4 artichokes
4 carrots
Mint or parsley leaves
100ml olive oil
4 lemons

Peel and cut the carrots into small sticks. Remove the leaves from the artichokes. (The white bottom part of the leaves that we discard can be chewed off and eaten as an appetizer.)

Scrub around and rub with lemon so it doesn't go brown. Cut the artichoke in the middle and remove the fluff inside. Until we have cleaned all the artichokes, put them in a bowl of water and juice from two lemons. Cut the artichokes into small pieces and mix with the carrots and chopped mint.
Beat the olive oil with the juice of two lemons and salt. Spread the vegetables, mix well and serve.

Good luck!!!