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The 15th of August ended with the great feast of the Virgin Mary. Praise be to her as we ate and drank well at our festival. We always dance traditionally in the festivities they set up in our villages, but the summer visits to the beach continue.

We have lost a few pounds and so I propose today to enjoy a wonderful summer salad with seasonal  ingredients.
Tomatoes and cucumbers from Dad's garden, figs from the fig tree that my friend Leonidas Koudoumogiannakis has in Tholos, borage from my flowerpot, the traditional ‘xynogala’, the famous croutons from the bakery and our super summer salad is ready.

Curly lettuce
Curly red lettuce
Fresh onion
Cherry tomatoes
‘xynogala’ (sour cream cheese)
Dry rusk bread in small pieces

For the sauce:
10 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons vinegar
3 tbsp grape syrup
½ teaspoon olive paste
3-4 mint leaflets
Salt & pepper

Wash the vegetables very well in plenty of water with a little vinegar. Allow to dry and cut into a salad bowl.
In the blender, mix the ingredients for the sauce and pour over the salad.
Add a large spoonful of ‘xynogala’ as desired, clean and chop the figs, break the dry rusk bread into pieces and sprinkle over and mix well.

Bon appétit!!!