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Today my girlfriend Vicki Liodakakis from Malevizi brought me these wild greens because she knows I love her. Vicki is a young girl who three years ago quit her job as an accountant in Heraklion and returned to her village to grow tasty herbs. The ground was laid by her parents who had entered production a few years earlier.

Now what about the stamnagathi (green leaf endive)? Personally I consider it the king of greens. It can be found from the highest mountains to the sea on our island, with a slightly different flavor and appearance depending on where you pick it, but always with the same distinctive bitterness.
Here in Crete we have countless recipes with stamnagathi. And while we were drinking coffee, I was thinking of preparing the greens with lamb or boiling it or making an omelet. But I wanted to taste it right away, so what faster than a salad? "There’s nothing like your greed!" Vicky teased me. And yes, the minute my salad was ready ...

200 g stamnagathi (green leaf endive)
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon vinegar

Clean the stamnagathi from any dark leaflets and cut its stalk a little, rinse very well and let it dry a bit.
You can cut it if you want but I've left it whole. Put it in a bowl add the oil, vinegar and salt. Toss well and serve.