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Whenever I get the chance to go to my village, I look for friends to go on nature walks or hikes, to beaches or mountains, depending on the weather and the season. Thank God, wherever you are, you can enjoy nature, either by the seaside or in the mountains.

I seized the opportunity, one holiday, to go home and asked my brother if he wanted to go to the hills for a hike. As we took our first stop near an ancient Minoan olive tree, which is one of the biggest, the vegetation in the adjacent field was in bloom due to the rain.
 I found myself in a small paradise with grass and lots of wild asparagus. I immediately searched the tree trunk for a bag and knife we had hidden to go and collect some wild greens. My brother started complaining, "All our friends are waiting for us and I want to leave!” I just carried on packing my bag and lifted my head off the ground and said, "Be a good brother," to placate him a little, because his mind was when he would be with his friends. Of course I wanted to do the same, but how could I resist such temptation, seeing the greens in front of me and not bending over to collect?
When we returned from our walk I realize that I hadn’t brought any food with me for the table to enjoy with the company of friends but I probably hadn’t needed to anyway as the
table was full of goodies. I envied what I saw and took the opportunity to make a good appetizer for the occasion. Usually there is a wide variety of food so as to pass our time well, but what they know best is picking the greens, orchestrating this season and making finger - licking food.
How did I make this recipe? But it's simple - you only have to have the appetite.
So good luck!

1 bunch of asparagus
20ml olive oil
5 eggs
Salt & pepper

Cut the asparagus at the most tender part of the stalks. Wash very well and leave on a tea towel to dry.
Put olive oil in a frying pan and add the asparagus. Stir constantly until well browned. If needed, pour in some extra water until cooked.
Beat the eggs with salt and pepper. Add the asparagus and allow the omelet to thicken. Turn on the other side and leave to cook.
Good luck!!