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Offal is a favorite of the Cretans so for this reason we have many ways to cook it. ‘Gardomakia’ is a food which is challenging to prepare and is usually eaten during Easter, when carcasses are honored.

The well-tended gardens were a staple of the housekeeper's household. My grandmother, who had experience and excessive patience, was sitting on a low stool in the backyard cleaning the intestines and abdomen of a lamb. Wash, clean, lemon. She rubbed them with lemons again and again until they were cleaned and white, and then wrapped them up.
My mum, who didn't like this process, was waiting for her grandmother to prepare them as she lit the saucepan to cook them. "Joy to your patience!" grandma used to shout, but my mum really enjoyed eating it!
Now of course things have become simpler, the intestines are sold ready cleaned all year round in the butchers. Now that the first rains of the autumn are falling, it is a food I long for. So I bought them ready cleaned from the butcher I trust.


1kg sheep intestine
100ml olive oil
1 large dried onion
1/2 a bunch of dill
2 eggs
2 lemons
Salt & pepper

Wash the intestines well and let them strain.
In a saucepan heat the olive oil and chop the onion. Stir until well sautéed. Add the slices, sauté and salt. Pour hot water to half the pot and bake for about an hour. Add the diced, finely chopped onion and if needed a little more water, bake for another 10 minutes. Remove the food from the heat and cook the egg.
Beat the egg whites first and then add the yolks and continue to beat. Slowly add the lemon juice and broth from the food for the eggs to gain the same temperature as the broth and then add the egg slowly into the pan and shake the pan to combine it well. Grate fresh pepper and allow food to stand for 10 minutes before serving.
Good luck!!!