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Next to my hometown in the village, our neighbor Mr. George has for years now maintained one of the loveliest summer gardens with green beans, zucchini, okra, corn, onions, sprouts, purslane and lettuce.

At the edge of the garden he makes sure to plant zucchini for zucchini plants and have blossoms all summer long. For Mr. George, his garden is his paradise. He’s there from very early in the morning, when most still have not woken up in the village to water, clean and take care of his little paradise.
He and his wife are among the classical seniors of the village who still maintain some good habits of the past. He wants to share production with his neighbors. Day after day he will gather a basket of zucchini flowers and, most of the time, give them to a housewife. He often asks my mum, “When do you want the blossoms?” He has a distribution program so that no one gets left out and feels hurt.
It is these old values ​​that you meet in those people who lived in those times. Difficult times when people provided solutions through mutual help. And that was on a permanent basis. Of course, the others would make sure that they reciprocated the offers with the first opportunity they found. Your neighbor brought you a plate of food or sweets they had cooked. You didn't take the plate back empty. You had to find something to fill it with in order to return the kindness, friendship and goodwill.
So has Mr. George for years with his gardening and zucchini flowers.
Zucchini flowers are a tasty treat of summer vegetables. Stuffed with rice with aromas, minced meat or cream cheese, they are served as an appetizer or as a meal with a nice wine. Fried zucchini with batter or stuffed cheese, they are a feast. That's why I wanted to give you this summer recipe today for you to enjoy!



25 zucchini flowers
200g of sour cream
150g sweet cheese
2-3 mint leaves
White pepper

For the batter:
200g of flour
300ml of beer
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt & pepper

Clean the zucchini flowers from the small, soft thorns that are around it. Remove the stalks from the flower.
Mix the cheese and chop the mint.
Carefully open the flowers and place in about a teaspoon of filling (depending on the size of the flower) and close. Sift the flour and add the olive oil, salt, pepper and slowly the beer. We should have a medium batter mix, not too stiff, not too watery.
Dip the flower from all sides into the batter and hold them above the bowl for any residue to drip off.
Fry in enough olive oil until golden brown on both sides

Good luck!!!