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‘Tsiknopempti’ is essentially the day that the festivities for the carnival begin. As its name indicates, it is a Thursday feast.

In old societies that were deprived, on this day they made sure that all the foods were on the table. During this period, they made sure to slaughter pigs, before the great fast of Lent. They fried liver and meat as well as pies. The characteristic of the day is that the meal was not only for the family but it was for guests too. They distributed food and meat to those who did not have any or even exchanged food for the sake of their deceased. It was other times then and the exchange of food was customary and society was more tied to the social conditions.

200g smoked sausages
200g smoked pork meat
200g pork
2 green peppers
1 dried onion
1/2 leek
5 dried figs
100ml olive oil
100ml red sweet wine
100g gruyere
Salt & pepper

Cut the sausages in small pieces, pour olive oil into a frying pan and allow to warm, add all the sausages and stir until they turn brown. Remove the sausages from the pan onto a plate.
In the oil that remains, add the chopped onion, fry it, then add the figs in small pieces (the figs should have been put in a bowl of red wine before to soften). Add the peppers cut into large pieces; allow 5 minutes to fry and mix in the sausages. Salt carefully because the sausages already contain salt.
Quench with red wine and let it evaporate and then add the gruyere in cubes and the thyme.
You can add pomegranate to the plate to serve.

Good luck!!!