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The fried potato is the ultimate food temptation, the great love of the young and old. It is a hidden temptation, but it takes art and plenty of oil to succeed.
There is no one who does not like French fries, whatever shape or cut, plain or whatever you combine them with. It is the big love of toddlers and if you marry it with a rustic salad it is a heavenly summer lunch.

Dried or coarse, crunchy and delicious, with their characteristic golden yellow color and intense aromas, French fries are a favorite delicacy for all time. Especially if they are roasted in pure virgin olive oil, then we skip any inhibitions and the diet is out the window!
Delicacies, flavors, smells, pictures of the past will always accompany us when Grandma puts the pan with plenty of oil on. The smoke smelled of the olive trees, the heat of the fire spread, the temperature rose and the aroma of the olive oil embraced the smell of the soil. Grandma brought the basin with the cut potatoes. We counted minute by minute and were anxious about when they would be ready, crisp and crunchy, and on the plate. We loved them all, we wanted more and we could never get enough of them. Grandpa wanted them savor, with vinegar and rosemary. My God, what a perfume! We used to watch grandpa empty one glass of wine after another, with a fork of savory potatoes, as if he were in paradise!
 Here, from our paradise of traditional culinary art I will give you not the "forbidden fruit" but the drunken recipe of savor French fries, like grandma and grandpa used to enjoy. Let's go enjoy them too!

1kg of potatoes
100ml vinegar
3 sprigs of rosemary
Olive oil

Peel and cut the potatoes into rounds. Fry in enough olive oil until dry. Remove the potatoes and salt them.
In a frying pan, keep some olive oil from frying the potatoes and add the sprigs of rosemary, let it cook for a while and slowly add the vinegar, very carefully so as not to get burned. Fry until the vinegar has evaporated.
Add the potatoes back into the pan and stir constantly. Remove from the heat, close with a lid and allow all aromas to merge for ten minutes.
It is an excellent accompaniment to grilled meats and fish. Of course it can stand alone as a meze. The next day it is much tastier.

Good luck!!!