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Pomegranate is a sacred, blessed fruit and is a symbol of fertility, abundance and good fortune. It is used in many ways in cooking, in sweets, jams or salads. We can savor and enjoy its divine juice. Today we are going to make a wonderful homemade jam as my grandmother Irene made it.


1 kg of pomegranate (peeled and sorted)
700g sugar
1 apple
30ml of water
Juice from a lemon

Peel and sort the pomegranates and keep only the fruit. (See here how to easily clean pomegranates).
In a saucepan put the pomegranate seeds, the apple in small pieces and the water.
Boil over medium heat until the sugar has melted and the apple is soft, stirring when needed.
Remove from the heat, strain the pomegranate in a strainer and press very well with a fork to keep as much juice and pulp from the apple as we can.
Throw away the leftovers and put the juice back in the pan. Boil for about five minutes, add the lemon and continue for another five minutes.
Store in warm, sterile jars. (See here how we sterilize jars.)

This jam gets a little thinner than the others. (See here how to check if it's ready).
This recipe will give us about two jars.

Good luck!!!

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