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Strawberries are one of the most beloved fruits with many nutrients for the body, as they contain a lot of vitamins. There are many reasons scientists say we should consume them. They protect against cardiovascular disease, strengthen bones, and contain anti-cancer properties, boost immunity and so much more.

People! Above all they help with weight loss! They have low calories and the fiber they contain inflates and maintains the feeling of satiety.
But we do not consume them for all these reasons. It's because we love their color, taste, and smell. They remind us as soon as they first come out that summer is coming. It reminds us of when we were kids often hanging out around the fridge and trying to grab as many as possible in our hands to enjoy in the backyard with our toys.
That is why we were waiting for the evening to come and begging to have them with some sugar and brandy. That's why we waited expectantly for the time to come for Grandma's first strawberry jam to dip our fingers in the jar. It is probably for these reasons that today we still love the strawberries of our childhood.
My childhood memories catch up with me, and to this day I continue to make endless jars of strawberry jam with different recipes.
Grape syrup, as a sweetener with a wonderful aroma and taste, is a traditionally made product which gave me the impetus to replace sugar and experiment for a better and healthier result for children who eat a lot of jam.
I experimented a lot to achieve the right dosage to have a balance in the sweetness, keeping the natural red strawberry color, texture and a number of other elements I wanted. But I think the result satisfied me; a marmalade, with a beautifully knitted texture, sweet enough to combine the aromas of strawberry with the characteristic of the grape syrup. It’s a wonderful jam that I recommend to you with love.

1 kg of strawberries
300 g grape syrup
200 g of sugar
Juice of one lemon

Wash the strawberries in plenty of cool water and remove the green stalks and any spoiled spots. Cut them in two pieces or four if they are large, and put them in a pan.
Preferably you should use a wide pan with a relatively thin bottom. As I have already mentioned in another recipe, the pan affects the rate of evaporation of the mixture and thus the sweetening.
Pour in the cinnamon and sugar and mash the strawberries in by hand. (Don't keep the strawberries all night like you see in other recipes. This jam with the grape syrup will darken a lot and won’t be too runny anyway.)
Heat for 5 minutes on high heat and then lower to medium heat. Stir frequently and cook for 20 minutes. Add the juice from the lemon and let it boil some more.
Take off the heat and check if the jam has come together. (See the recipe above for how to do this.)
If it has not tied, boil for a while. If it’s too thick, add a little water and mix well. Of course the times I give you have been well checked so I don't think you will fail.
Put the hot jam in sterile jars immediately.

Good luck!!!