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The sweet rose has a place of origin, the village of "Kera Rodea" or Rodia and you can make this wonderful, delicate sweet with the latest winter roses. It’s a recipe from my dearest friend Katerina Kostoula.

“Of all My angels, you, know how to distinguish the beautiful; Go, my dear to the earth, carry one shot and choose a beautiful place, but the most beautiful. This place where you will stand, will be the place we will rest when we go for a walk.
The angel obeyed the orders of God. As he stood on the curb, his gaze slid into infinity. The whole village was a garden but it was red, scarlet red. There were roses that they had never seen before.
Not only was the color red as blood, but the fluff on the petals was as soft as velvet as was their scent, an intoxicating scent that you could smell inside you forever.”
A church in the middle of the village is dedicated to Our Lady ‘Kera Rodea’, protector of the roses, from whom the whole village took its name in the first census in 1248.
Every April, the petals are sweet and are used to make this sweet in summer for weddings, but also in the joys of welcoming new life to the village.


250g aromatic red rose petals
900g sugar
100ml of water
Juice of half a lemon

First of all I would like to inform you that this is a recipe which has been made with aromatic red roses for many years in the village of Rodia near Heraklion. Roses are definitely more fragrant and delicious, but those of you who love this wonderful sweet and this season will find this recipe to have a wonderful effect.
Take the petals off the rose buds and with scissors remove the white part of the rose petal that joins it to the stem. Make sure you remove any insects.
Wash the rose petals carefully and allow them to dry.
Place the roses and sugar in a bowl and squeeze with your hands. Leave in the bowl for a whole night.
Put the roses in a saucepan and add water, warm over medium heat for 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly. Take off from the heat and check if the syrup has come together (see here).
Add the lemon juice, stir and boil again.
Store in sterile jars. (See here how to sterilize jars). The sweet and jar should be warm.

Don't worry if you find your sweet to have a dark, almost black color! It's normal. The gorgeous red color will appear as soon as you add the lemon.
Store for one year outside the refrigerator. If you open a jar it is good to keep it in the fridge.

Good luck!!!