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As we entered Holy Week, fasting is well underway, but we like it when we have such great recipes and I don't think you really feel the lack of meat. I thank my good friend, Eleni Toktami, for making us a wonderful meal and revealing all the secrets about the most delicious cuttlefish with wild greens.

1.5 kg of wild greens
1/2 kilo of spinach
1 onion chopped dry
1 bunch of spring onions
3 bunches of fennel
200 ml of olive oil
1 glass of water

For cuttlefish:
1.5 kg cuttlefish
2 medium tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic (whole)
1 onion dry for cuttlefish
1 glass of red wine
1 cup olive oil
Salt & pepper

Clean, wash and cut the greens. Put the greens, fennel, onions, olive oil and water in a saucepan and leave over medium heat until they are cooked without overcooking. Ten minutes before switching off the heat, add the spinach that needs a little cooking and salt and pepper.
At the same time, wash and cut the cuttlefish into medium-sized pieces, put them in a saucepan and heat until all the liquids have evaporated. Pour in the wine and wait until the cuttlefish have absorbed it. Add the olive oil and stir to fry a little and add the onion and garlic cloves. Wait for a while, add the tomatoes, salt, pepper and cook over low heat until cooked.
With a colander, take the greens from the pan where they were boiled and add them to the cuttlefish to combine the flavors, and pour in some of the remaining juices from the greens.

Good luck!!

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